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Student and Parents Educational Rights

Special Education is a legal process that is governed by multiple federal and state laws. The process of initial eligibility and developing an Individual Education Program (IEP) consists of multiple steps that need to be taken in a specific order.  Most Parents who do not understand this process can be ineffective at participating meaningfully in their child's IEP  and can become extremely frustrated. 

Most children spend 13 or more years in the education system. It is important to familiarize yourself with both your Parental Rights and your child's right to a Free and Appropriate Public Education (FAPE). Below you will find some valuable information to help in this process. Remember, to look at the IEP process in the long-term, after the initial evaluation and eligibility it is based upon progress made in one year. However,  if you have concerns with your child's program or progress you can request an IEP meeting at any time and the District is obligated to hold an IEP meeting within 30-days of your request.  

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